Monday, February 15, 2010


I spearheaded a campaign for the LGBTI community called "I AM NOT IMMORAL..." Aside from getting the support of Niccolo Cosme, a renowned photographer, Team Pilipinas, an LGBTI NGO, and Francis Martin Beltran Baraan, a philanthropist who sponsored the campaign, we got 58 LGBTI and non-LGBTI individuals from different sectors to participate, including Melo Esguerra, a highly awarded broadcast journalist, Risa Hontiveros, a congresswoman vying for a senatorial slot in the 2010 Elections, and John Lapuz, a comedian and TV and Movie personality, among others. The photo and video project began on the same day as the Pride March, December 5, 2009. It was a protest action to the "immorality" statement which the Philippine Commission on Elections said about Ang Ladlad, an LGBTI political party.

An exhibit followed last January 30, 2010 and it was attended by LGBTI's from different groups and NGO's.!/album.php?aid=2046696&id=1525427943

Here are the links to the videos and photos which were exhibited.

To date, the campaign was featured by different local and international publications and websites including Manila Bulletin, Malaya newspaper, Inquirer, Philippines Star,, a Belgian website(, a Canadian website (, and the Interntional Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) among others. Here are some of the links:

After 2 weeks from being uploaded unto its youtube channel, the I AM NOT IMMORAL videos are now reaching its 2 thousand mark of number of views and has been featured in two different LGBTI forums, the UPLB LGBTI forum and the UP Kalipunan ng Mag aaral ng Sosyolohiya (KMS) forum titled: COMING OUT AND GETTING IN: UNCLOTHING WHAT IS BEHIND AND BEYOND CLOSET DOORS.

A very inspiring response from a decorated Gay Police from New York took it to a different level when he posted his own I AM NOT IMMORAL video.

Of course not all were so pleased at what this campaign had done. Ever since I started it I already encountered unfavorable reactions, and at times it was very surprising and a bit discouraging specially when it came from fellow LGBTI "activists". Now, a few questions are raised with regards to how progressive the campaign is, pointing out that it might have less of a potential to call for action amongst individuals.

It does bother me, though I know that I can only do so much... I still would say the campaign did so well for a very fragmented community. The question as to how to gather everyone and be more effective in bringing out a message remains a question and a challenge. What should we do with a community that is faced with multi-levels of issues? Is there really a unifying factor that can bring everyone together into one solid body? Which causes are more important and relevant?

It occurred to me that there is the Anti-discriminatory Bill, maybe we should all focus unto that...

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